How to use it?

At first, register. It's free.

We suggest to use the standard registration procedure, so you can choose your username. This is important because your username will be part of your wall address. But if you want you can use Facebook to login. You will have an username automatically chosen (in the form fistname.lastname).

A new wall will be created for you. You can choose to have an empty wall, or a Wall already filled with 10, 20 or 30 blocks. The you wil have to customize it.. and it's easy!

Manage your wall content

  • Each empty block can be edited to link to a specific social link. A personalized form will appear for each Social network supported. Follow the simple instructions.
  • You can also specify a link to your personal web site (no more than 3 for security reason) and also upload a customized icon to your personal web site.
  • You can also specify a "short name" - a little label that  will be shown inside the icon. Keep it empty if you don't need it.
  • If you are lost, note that You will find a little Control panel in top of your pages. Click "Manage your wall content" to come back to your wall editing.
  • If 30 empty blocks are not enough for you, you can Add a new block, always through the control panel. For performance reasons, you can have a maximum of 50 blocks.
  • If you have too much blocks and want to delete some, just click on "delete" link over each block.
  • You can change the order of your block. Just drag and drop them!

Manage your wall appearance. 

  • By default, all personal Walls are shown with a standard background image. We change the standard background image every week. It's the "Image of the week". Take a look every week to see the wonderful images we choose for you! And watch our "Pinterest" channel to watch all of them.
  • If you want, you can Upload your own background image. Use the link "Manage you profile" in the upper Control panel; in the "Wall setting" tab you can upload a new background image. Beware, the image will be centered in the page - so the visible area must be in the middle. Watch this example.
  • Using the same Manage your profile" tool, you can also set a "Title" for your wall. If you leave it empty, a standard title will be used

Manage your personal information

  • You can change your personal information (first name, last name, e-mail address, and other in the future): "Manage you profile" > Personal Info > First name, last name
  • You can load a picture of you: Manage you profile" > Personal Info > Picture
  • You can also connect your account to your Facebook account, and use it later to login; if you already are connected, you can also disconnect.
  • Decide if want to Hide of Show your personal information in your wall: Manage you profile" > Wall Settings Hide 

Share your wall - the "w" view

  • The address of your wall will be something like:
  • You can put the address in your email signature, print on your business card
  • You can share it on Facebook and other socials - use the little share tools in footer down in the page.
  • Aspect of your wall may vary in different circumstances (in mobile, in desktop. etc). If you want to see the final aspect, please logout from the site and watch it again.

Follow a wall

  • To follow a wall: just visit a wall and clik in the "follow this user" in the bottom of the wall
  • To unfollow a wall: just to the same, clicking the "unfollow this user" link
  • To see any new block for users you follow, click in the "Following, what's new" link in the bottom of the page
  • To have a list of users you follow: click in the "Users you follow" link in the upper control panel; you can also unfollow them from there
  • To have a list of users who follow youclick in the "Users following you" link in the upper control panel; you can also follow them from there

Other views

In the future you will be able to share it using different views. Stay tuned on Wall of Me to see what's new!

WallOfMe Staff